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Visiting Speakers

Speakers in 2012-13

1. Professor Deborah Logan (Fulbright Senior Fellow) scholar) on Harriet Martineau’s responses to the 1857 uprising, 20 April 20012 at 3.30 p.m. in the A-V room of the Dept of English (UG Arts Building)

2.  Dr Barnita Bagchi (Department of Comparative Literature, University of Utrecht)

Seminar on ‘Cosmopolitanisms’ with MPhil and PhD students: 8 August 2012 and 17 August 2012, 2-3.30 pm (RRC, English Department)

3. Dr Barnita Bagchi, Special Lecture on ‘Outsourcing Old Age’ Wednesday 22 August, 3 pm, AV Room, English Department

4. Dr Bill Bell, Director, Centre for the History of the Book, and Department of English, University of Edinburgh, ‘On Selkirk’s Silence: Imagining the Colonial Reader’, 23 August 3 pm AV Room, English Department

5. Professor Stefanie Lethbridge, Department of English, University of Freiburg, (with Illustrations) ‘The Clothing of Horror and the Horror of Clothing: Material and Meaning in English Gothic and Sensation Fiction’ Tuesday 21 August, 3 pm, AV Room, English Department

6. Professor Julian Lethbridge, Department of English, University of Tübingen:  ‘Modern Film and Modern Music: An Introduction to Spenser’ Wednesday 22 August, PG I Classroom, 11.10-12.50 am

7. Professor Julian Lethbridge, ‘Selfishness: a Critique of Philosophy and Criticism’

If Socrates, Christ, Cordelia and Gandhi are Selfish, What is Wrong with Philosophical Ethics and Can Literary Criticism Help?’ Thursday 30 August, 3 pm, AV Room or AB Memorial Auditorium, UG Arts

8. Philip Hensher, novelist, in informal interaction with students at creative writing workshop organised by Dr Rimi B. Chatterjee, November 2012

9. Douglas Tallack, Professor of American Studies, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International) and Head of the College of Arts, Humanities & Law, University of Leicester, UK: “One walked of course with one’s eyes greatly open” (Henry James):  London Sights in Henry James and Alvin Langdon Coburn’, Monday, 14 January 2013, 3pm, AV Room, Department of English, 1st floor, UG Arts Building

10. Aveek Sen, editor and arts critic, The Telegraph: Death at the Opera; 10 November 2012

11. Aveek Sen, ‘Shadows on the Snow: Nazi Photo Albums and the Invasion of Russia’, 19 November 2012, 2.30 pm, Vivekananda Hall, Subarna Jayanti Bhavan, JadavpurUniversity

Speakers in 2010-12 

  1. January 2010: Professor Raffaele Torella, University of Rome: ‘Prasiddhi and Pratibha’
  2. January 2010: Professor Fernando Wulff, University of Malaga: ‘Homer and the Mahabharata
  3. January 2010, Dr Saveri Marchignoli, University of Bologna ‘Pico’
  4. February 2010: Professor Carlo Vecce, University of Naples, ASIHSS Fellow: ‘Leonardo da Vinci’
  5. February 2010: Brian Cox, stage and screen actor: theatre workshop
  6. March 2010: Tony Lee, graphic novelist, workshop
  7. March 2010: Professor Uma Chakravarti: Talk and Film Screening
  8. March 2010: Jennifer Wallace and Robert Wallis, University of Cambridge
  9. March 2010: China Mieville, novelist and fantasy-writer: writing workshop
  10. April 2010: Dr Priyali De: on D. L. Richardson
  11. Professor Aniket Jaaware, University of Pune (Visiting Professor), on Dalit autobiography
  12. Dr Paulomi Chakraborty, Shastri Post-doctoral Fellow, on ‘Women as Political Subjects, Women in Collectives: Reading Sabitri Roy’s Swaralipi alongside Tagore’s Ghare Baire and Char Adhyay’, 9 September 2010
  13. Dr Nandini Das, University of Liverpool, on ‘Richard Hakluyt, sparagmos and early travellers to India’, 5 January 2011
  14. Sm Amruta Patil, graphic artist (CAS Fellow), workshop and discussion
  15. Shri Pinaki De, graphic artist (CAS Fellow), on Blake and Illustration
  16. Shri Kumar Shahani, filmmaker (CAS and ASIHSS Fellow)
  17. Dr Tejaswini Niranjana, CSCS (ASIHSS Fellow), on ‘The Body in the Voice: Women, Music, Globalization’, and ‘Language, Hindustani Sangeet and cultural labour in Dharwar’, 18-19 August 2011
  18. Dr Saikat Majumdar, StanfordUniversity (CAS Fellow, 2 visits), on ‘The Banality of Narrative’, August 27, 2010 and ‘Modernism [lecture-series]’, August-September 2011
  19. Professor Jonathan Gil Harris, GeorgeWashingtonUniversity (CAS Fellow, 2 visits), on ‘Roe and Coryate’s Scene, Ajmer 1616: Theatricality, Anti-theatricality, Becoming Indian’, 8 November 2011, and ‘Marvellous Repossessions: The Tempest, Globalization, and the Waking Dream of Paradise’,  19 March 2012.
  20. Professor Randall McLeod, University of Toronto: ‘Hammered: Print-house ghosts in early modern books’, January 6, 2012
  21. Dr Selina Jamil, Prince George’s College, Maryland, on ‘Mahfouz’s The Time and the Place and other Stories’, 9 January 2012
  22.  Professor Sneja Gunew, University of British Columbia, ‘Post-multiculturalism, Diaspora, Immanent Cosmopolitanism: A Future Anterior’, 27 January 2012
  23. Professor Paul Sharrad, University of Wollongong, ‘Postcolonial Strategic Essentialism and Revisioning History’, 11 February 2012
  24. Professor Deborah Logan, Fulbright Senior Fellow, two lectures: ‘Bluestockings, Spinsters and the Cause: Feminist Foremothers and the “Inward Witness”’, 15 February 2012, and ‘Three Responses to America: Harriet Martineau, Pandita Ramabai and Sarojini Naidu’, 2 April 2012
  25. Professor Madhavi Menon American University, Washington (CAS Fellow), ‘Queer Universalism’, 20 March 2012
  26. Professor Ashok Mohapatra, SambalpurUniversity (CAS Fellow): ‘Remembering the Body, the Body Remembering: Corporeality and Resistant Consciousness’ 29 March 2012

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