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  1. Moumita Goswami says:

    How to know about the time of call for papers

  2. Anwesha Sengupts says:

    Yes, same question. How do we know if there is a call for papers?

  3. Bairam Khan says:

    Bolpur College Library wants to subscribe this journal. please inform me to whom we will contact.

  4. Dr.j.p.tiwari says:

    When the university call for papers ?kindly inform me .want to publish article in this journal.

  5. Shobhana Bhattacharji says:

    How can one read an essay from an old issue? I am interested in Bikash Chakraborty, ‘Shelley’s Bengali Career’, Jadavpur University Essays and Studies, Vol. XII (1998), pp. 45-56

  6. prakriti says:

    Kindly let us know the procedure for getting an institutional subscription to the journal Essays and studies.

  7. Lallitha says:

    Please let know if submissions are open now.

  8. Divya Johnson says:

    kindly tell about the theme for upcoming issue and if submissions are open.

  9. Dr. Sumant Kumar Jha says:

    Please provide us the submission details (theme, title, deadline)

  10. Md Sujan sekh says:

    When the next journal is going to be published,,,
    Kindly inform me,
    I want to publish article.

  11. MD SUJAN SEKH says:

    When the next journal is going to be published & when is the date of call for papers,,,,
    I want to send my article. pls inform me if there is time for sending article.

    In which email or website,,I would send my article

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