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  1. Moumita Goswami says:

    How to know about the time of call for papers

  2. Anwesha Sengupts says:

    Yes, same question. How do we know if there is a call for papers?

  3. Bairam Khan says:

    Bolpur College Library wants to subscribe this journal. please inform me to whom we will contact.

  4. Dr.j.p.tiwari says:

    When the university call for papers ?kindly inform me .want to publish article in this journal.

  5. Shobhana Bhattacharji says:

    How can one read an essay from an old issue? I am interested in Bikash Chakraborty, ‘Shelley’s Bengali Career’, Jadavpur University Essays and Studies, Vol. XII (1998), pp. 45-56

  6. prakriti says:

    Kindly let us know the procedure for getting an institutional subscription to the journal Essays and studies.

  7. Lallitha says:

    Please let know if submissions are open now.

  8. Divya Johnson says:

    kindly tell about the theme for upcoming issue and if submissions are open.

  9. Dr. Sumant Kumar Jha says:

    Please provide us the submission details (theme, title, deadline)

  10. Md Sujan sekh says:

    When the next journal is going to be published,,,
    Kindly inform me,
    I want to publish article.

  11. MD SUJAN SEKH says:

    When the next journal is going to be published & when is the date of call for papers,,,,
    I want to send my article. pls inform me if there is time for sending article.

    In which email or website,,I would send my article

  12. SYEDA RUKHSANA says:

    Want to publish my research papers

  13. Athira Paul says:

    How can I publish my paper

  14. please reply for the questions. You are in UGC Approved Journals’ list. You cannot be so passive. please answer us for the timing of ‘Call for Papers’.

  15. Mons says:

    When is the last date for the submission, for the next issue of the journal and when will it get published?

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