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Rimi B. Chatterjee

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  1. Dear Ms Rimi B Chatterjee – Professor of English Jadavpur University Kolkata

    I have had the Privilege of Going thru your Profile in your web site

    I saw your Interest in Martial Arts besides Teaching in Jadavpur University . My Parental Residence in in Garia which i visit Often for Breaks & meeting my Friends & RELATIVES based in Kolkata on a regular basis.

    I spent my Entire Working Life in Indian Armed Force & Participated in Indo Pak Conflicts 1971 at a Very Young Age of 20 years.

    I am presently based in Mumbai where i work Full Time for earning my Livelihood as I am Privileged to Receive a Very Small Military Pension from GOI as on since my Voluntary Retirement from Indian Army.

    As Observed there are Very Liitle Indian English Fiction – Translations from Bengali Writings on Bangladesh Freedom Struggle 1970 onwards.

    Activities of Mukti Bahini & Mukti Joddhas of Bangaladesh& all Planned Genocide of Bengali Muslims & Minority Hindus over 2 years Period Resulting in Recorded Deaths of 2.5 lakh Bengali Population by Pakistan Army from March 1971 onwards – Biggest Genocide recorded of Innocent Population in Bangladesh after Persecution of Jews by Hitler in 1930-1940 period in Eastern Europe.Such Great Stories need to be Told & Heard thru Works of Translation as available in Bengali Language in Bangladesh into English for the World Audience acceptance in English Language.

    This Great Story of Genocide by Cowards of Pakistan Army from 1970 onwards on Innocent Bengali Population till Liberation of Bangladesh by Indian Troops in Dec 1971 needs to be Brought to Light thru English Litt Story Telling from Recorded Bengali Literature of Bangladesh available in University of Dhaka & other Centres of Learning in Bangladesh and in UK as understood by self on the subject.

    As a Indian Soldier I feel it is the Duty of Great Authors of Fiction in English Language to Translate Bengali Versions of Freedom Struggle of Bangaladesh Independence into Simple Story Telling as Fiction by Leading Professors of Jadavpur University – a Pioneer Centre of Learning for Present Generation of Students – to Know about the Exploits of Mukti Bahini & Mukti Joddhas of Bangladesh who Fought the Superior Pakistan Army over 6 months period March 1971- Nov 1971 & Complete Rout of Pakistan Army at the Hands of Indian Army in Dec 1971 leading to Freedom of Bangladesh in Dec 1971.

    Looking forward to your kind response on the subject matter & your Suggestions as requested please.

    Kindly accept Best Wishes to you & your Family – Happy New Year 2016

    Warmest Regards

    Colonel BK Banerjee- Retd.
    B- 102, KSHTIJ, GE Links,
    Ram Mandir Road, Goregaon West,
    Mumbai- 400104.

    mob- 098200- 16666

    mob- 098203- 40589.

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