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Prodosh Bhattacharya

409430_2580013277547_1104170605_nProdosh Bhattacharya’s first love remains Old English. He has subsequently done doctoral work on the late-Victorian novelist Marie Corelli. As a result, his specialization jumps from Old and Middle English literature to popular fiction. In addition, his interest in genre cinema (science fiction, fantasy and horror) has inspired him to launch a new undergraduate option called ‘Monsters in English LIterature’. His published work includes many articles on Beowulf and other Old and Middle English works, several studies of Marie Corelli from various angles, including her reception in India, as also some work on children’s fiction in Bengali.


  1. […] was opened on Thursday 9th January 2014 by Professor Ananda Lal (Coordinator, CAS programme) and Professor Prodosh Bhattacharya (Head of Department of English, Jadavpur University).  Professor Supriya Chaudhuri introduced the […]

  2. arsenalhenry says:

    What does it say that Jadhavpur Univ is supporting and employing men who not only harass but also encourage harassment? Take this man down.

  3. Mohammad Umar says:

    This professor backs an alleged rapist in his campus since he happens to be his favourite student, Jadavpur University students should boycott him immediately and demand his resignation.
    Why should a monster like him be allowed to teach in such a prestigious university which has stood for justice and feminism for so long ?

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