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Abhijit Gupta is Associate Professor of English at Jadavpur University, and Director, Jadavpur University Press. He graduated in English from Jadavpur University and received a PhD from Cambridge University for his work on 19th century British publishing. He is co-editor, along with Swapan Chakravorty of the Book History in India series, of which three volumes have been published: Print Areas (2004), Moveable Types (2008) and New Word Order (2011). He was associate editor for South Asia for the Oxford Companion to the Book (2010). He has completed an electronic database and location register of all books printed in Bengali from 1801-1867 and is currently at work on the period 1868-1914. His most recent published works are two translations of Bengali stories for children, titled Funny and Funnier and Mad and Madderpublished by Scholastic. His other research areas include science fiction, graphic novels, crime fiction and the 19th century.


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  2. Chetan Pandey says:

    Hi Abhijit:
    I just read with much delight your article about the digitization of all pre-1914 Indian print works in UK.

    I too am working in a similar field at a smaller scale and limited to sanskrit.

    You can read a little of what I have done below .

    I would love to discuss with you furthur about this project. And also be happy to share thousands of Ebooks which I have digitised and have collected

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