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Life Histories

UG Optional                      Semester 3&5                   July-December 2014

Life Histories
Coordinator: Sutanuka Ghosh


Week                                    Texts

1-3                                          Introduction to Life Histories

4-5                                          Rassundari Dasi, Amar Jiban (My Life)

6-7                                          Ismat Chughtai, My Friend, My Enemy: Essays, Reminiscences, Portraits

8-9                                          Kamala Das, My Story

10-11                                     Virginia Woolf, Roger Fry: A Biography

12-13                                     Gertrude Stein, The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas

14-15                                     Maya Angelou, I know Why the Caged Bird Sings

16                                           Presentation of term papers



Background Reading:

1)      Anderson, Linda R., Autobiography (New York: Routledge, 2001)

2)      Marcus, Laura, Auto/biographical discourse: criticism, theory, practice (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1998)

3)      Pascal, Roy, Design and truth in autobiography (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1960)

4)      Popkin, Jeremy D., History, Historians and Autobiography (Chicago: Chicago University Press, 2005)



Coordinator: Sutanuka Ghosh

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