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Current courses

B.A., 1st year, 1st semester Eng. Lit. 1760-1830 Rimi B. Chatterjee
B.A., 1st year, 1st semester Eng. Lit. 1830-1900
Ramit Samadder
B.A., 2nd year, 3rd semester History of Language, OE and ME Prodosh Bhattacharya
B.A., 2nd year, 3rd semester English Literature 1560-1630
B.A., 3rd year, 5th semester English Literature 1900-2000 Nilanjana Gupta
M.A., 1st year, 1st semester Medieval and Renaissance English Literature Swapan Chakravorty
M.A., 1st year, 1st semester English Literature 1830-1900 Saswati Halded
M.A., 2nd year, 3rd semester English Literature 1900-2000 Abhijit Gupta
M.A., 2nd year, 3rd semester Literary Theory Santanu Biswas
B.A., Extra-Departmental Literature and Culture A
B.A., Extra-Departmental English Skills A Saswati Halder
M. Phil., 1st semester Research Methodology Nandini Saha
M. Phil., 1st semester Issues in Literary Theory Nilanjana Deb



B.A. American Poetry Abhijit Gupta
B.A. Life Histories Sutanuka Ghosh
B.A. Writing in Practice Rimi B. Chatterjee
B. A. Drama in Practice Ananda Lal
B.A. The Age of Enlightenment Chandreyee Neyogi
M.A. Literature and Psychoanalysis Santanu Biswas
M.A. Indian Writing in English Sutanuka Ghosh
M.A. Postmodern Fictions Nilanjana Gupta
M. A. Enlightenment and the Culture of Reason Chandreyee Neyogi



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