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Literature of Espionage: PG 1 and 2

This course will consist of a series of readings of novels where espionage plays a central role.  The student will be expected to situate these novels within the larger constructs of state, relationship between state and its citizens and non-citizens, global dynamics of power, constructions of identities, masculinity and power, moral relativism, perceptions of threat and security.

Tentative Reading List:


The Secret Agent                                              Joseph Conrad

Kim                                                                        Rudyard Kipling

The Thirty Nine Steps                                      John Buchan

Casino Royal                                                      Ian Fleming

Our Man in Havana                                        Graham Greene

The Perfect Spy                                                 John le Carré

The Constant Gardener                                  John le Carré

The Good Son                                                    Michael Gruber


Critical Works:

Thriller :                                                                Jerry Palmer

Genesis & Structure of a Popular Genre                 


The World of the Thriller                                Ralph Harper

Thrillers                                                                                Martin Rubin

The Spy Story                                                     John G Cawelti

James Bond & Philosophy:                           James B South & Jacob M Held (ed)

Questions are Forever


The James Bond Phenomenon:                  Christopher Lindner (ed)

A Critical Reader


Spies and Holy Wars:                                      Reeva S Simon

The Middle East in Twentieth Century Crime Fiction


In addition, critical essays on state power, surveillance, Cold War and other issues will be prescribed.

Internal Assessment will be on the basis of Class Tests.

Course Coordinator: Nilanjana Gupta

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