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The idea that plays must be studied with reference to their staging is the pedagogical aim of this course. The instructor will direct a production of a text involving students in both onstage and backstage activities. Evaluation comprises presentations and examinations on the selected play or author, as well as assessment of the students’ participation and creative contribution to the project. Admission to this course is not guaranteed and will depend on auditions or tests conducted before classes commence, because the instructor cannot choose the play until the population of the class is established. Therefore, interested students must submit their resumes with relevant information to the instructor by 15 June. Auditions will take place soon afterwards. The course will take up a double period, 3:45-5:15 p.m., on four days a week. Towards the end, in October-November, final rehearsals may require students’ presence on some Saturdays. If the production is successful, further performances may take place during post-semester holidays or the following semester, but will in no way conflict with that semester’s classes.

We perform in English, so prospective actors must be fluent in the spoken language.

Course Plan

1-26 July                                  Readings and analysis of the play

29-31 July                                Student projects and presentations

2 August-30 September           Rehearsals and workshop

21-31 October                         Final rehearsals

1-15 November                       Public performances


Projects and presentations                                                                   20%

Participation and initiative in process                                                 20%

Contribution to final production (marks with final examination)        40%

Final end-semester examination (written answers)                              20%

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