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Arthurian Romance. PG1 and 2


Arthurian Romance

Course Coordinator: Amlan Das Gupta

Suggested method of internal assessment:

1 class test

1 long essay submitted electronically

Week 1: The Legend of Arthur

Weeks 2-4: Medieval Society

Late Roman and Germanic cultures

The Carolingian Renaissance

Feudalism and its Implications

Week 5-8: Chretien de Troyes: Yvain, Lancelot

Week 9 Internal Assessment 1

Week 10-11 Gawain and the Green Knight

Week 12-13: Wolfram von Eschenbach: Parzival

Week 14 The Quest of the Holy Grail

Week 15 Internal Assessment 2

(The schedule is intended to give the sequence of teaching: disruptions may be caused by spillovers, revision and acts of god.)



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